Trying to get inspired

Every time someone asks me about ketogenic diets for brain tumors, I send them this: Not quite let me google that for you but seriously, google.

Black Sands Beach I took a little break over lunch today to head out to the Black Sands Beach, about twenty minutes from the farm. It’s so pretty, and the water is warm. No swimming for me right now until the seizures get under control, but soon, I hope. Frank found my swimsuit and it is coming in my next care package.

I got a cute video of the ducklings uploading

Potato rollsThe potato rolls came out really nice, and they taste good, I hear. We served them with cold cuts for lunch and they were a big hit. I can make these in my sleep, these days. I’ve been making them so long. They want to try to figure out how to sell them here, but they have eggs in them (duck eggs!) and they’ll need an additional permit and other stuff, insurance etc. Boo.

Caprese salad I am trying to tempt myself into eating more, concentrating on proteins, but I didn’t get over 600 calories for the day, so I need to eat something else tonight for sure. I promised everyone I would.

I have heartburn for some reason. I’m trying to remember which doctor and when it was that I was told to tell someone if I got heartburn. It might be a side affect from something. I’m headed off to meet a new primary care doctor bright and early tomorrow morning. Lili is picking me up at 7:30. I have all my bottles all bagged up to bring in.

Lili said I reminded her of someone quitting smoking — the first week, you’re all gung-ho. The second week, it’s not at all really fun anymore, really.

I’m trying to focus on the things I can have, not the things I can’t. But what I can have sure isn’t very appealing right now. I’m scrolling through recipes, trying to get inspired. I’ve had a low-grade headache all day long, and I’m probably going to head to bed pretty soon.

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