Pushed it too much

Busy day, and I guess too much. I only remember up to the time we got to the driveway, and the easiest thing is just to copy what Lili wrote to Frank and the kids:

“Aloha — Lisa update…

We went to the doctor today — was a good visit and the doctor is on the case to get new MRI ordered, referral to a neurologist here on the Big Island that she thinks is good, and we got her prescriptions renewed.

Plus a new script for Xanax to help her sleep.

We also saw a movie today which was fun (Guardians of the Galaxy II).

The doctor increased her dosage of the seizure meds — said we need to titrate the dose up after another 2 weeks to get her to an effective dose
Unfortunately she had another seizure just as I got her back to the farm.

She’s laying down (and hopefully sleeping). Her head is killing her so we’re hoping if she gets some sleep it’ll ease up.”

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