Chickens on Parade The very first FB group I ever started (Icelandic Chickens) just reached a milestone of 4,000 members today. Crazy! I remember when it was tiny, around 200 crazy Icie chicken people. Then the Mother Earth News article came out, Harvey Ussery started writing about them, and boom, they are popular. I’ve bred them for 10 years now. As soon as Ig sends me his incubator to borrow, Frank is going to start shipping me eggs. I can’t wait.

I love that photo of them walking through the snow. Not only are those my gorgeous birds, but I shoveled that pathway for them by myself, and took the photo while singing “hi ho! hi ho! It’s off to work we go!” I’ve seen it on so many memes because lots of people tag m when they see it. It usually involves stomping out of somewhere cold, all done with winter. I can relate to that!

The next FB group I started happened today. I started “Keto for Brain Tumors and Seizures”, and it’s shocking how quickly people are joining. A club none of us wanted to be in. It’ll be nice to have people trying the same diet as I am.

You know how people will shave heads for cancer friends going through chemo? I’d love to have some people try to do this with me. I’ll need all the help and inspiration I can get. I really would like to starve this beast.

I helped build a pen outside to contain some new ducklings and their mamas. I guess I pushed it too hard because I had one of my world-is-spinning spells. It’s taken almost an hour to feel normal again, but I’m fine now.

The ducklings sure are cute, Muscovies just like I have in Missouri. We are fighting mongoose here in Hawaii — a predator I am unfamiliar with and I don’t have either Buffy or Angel, dang it. I need my Icies, stat.

I have absolutely no appetite today, which could be why I didn’t do well working outside, duh. I have changed my focus from fat and protein and carbs to just try to eat enough protein at least. This often feels like the avocado diet, and I’m already starting to get tired of that. Evidently you can actually eat enough guacamole after all.

It’s so predictable that I’m focused her on all the same things I’ve been focused on forever. Critters, cooking, photos, writing. At least I’m adding movies to the mix. We watched “Defending Your Life“, which I quite enjoyed.

I’m not sure that’s how I want the afterlife to be, though, having to go around this world until you get it right. Frank has fed me plenty of SF over the decades, and I think I’d rather believe that we go back to stardust and are blown away until we come to the next place and start again there.

I think I started SETI at Home in 1999, running the screen saver.

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