Happy June

As we started June today, I’m happy to be headache free. Yesterday was horrible headache wise, so I was so excited to wake up today after a good night’s sleep and no pain. YAY.

I started a new batch of THC tincture that Chris started as I ran out of the first one. It might be a coincidence, but 30 minutes after I took it last evening my headache went away. I also got runny nose and itchy eyes, so took an allergy pill. (dope is a weed, after all, and sometimes I get hay fever symptoms from weeds)

I took Chandra out for a walk about the farm early today, since I’m going to spend the afternoon with Ig. I went out to the bees yard on the lava field, but she jumped in a truck for a ride back instead of join me with the bees. Evidently she’s had a bad experience with them.

The bees were happy. I took some video of them humming away, happy bees. We have a new Youtube channel that I need to populate with stuff. Uploading anything is excruciating slow, no surprise I guess. We are way out in the middle of the ocean!

Because it’s the start of the month, I sort of had the idea that I was celebrating being here one month, but I haven’t even been here a month yet. I left on May 10th. I already feel like I live here. I miss my husband and my dogs, and all my critters, and am glad that the 120 day countdown has begun.

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