2017-05-31 Keto Counts

BreakfastEgg yolks lightly steamed in avocado, with Siracha and a bit of cheese, with ham. I thought that would be breakfast, but it ended up both breakfast and lunch.

For a snack, I took advantage of living here, where we grow and process the best macadamia nuts I’ve ever eaten. ¬†Evidently, we dehydrate them instead of roast them, so our method doesn’t cook the oils out or burn them, but rather leaves all of those good for you oils, minerals and vitamins intact. Whatever it is, they are addictively good, and yet so filling that I found it easy to hold myself to a dozen.

DInnerFor dinner, I fried thick porkchops in butter and bacon grease, with a breading of duck egg and then a mixture of grated parm and ground porkrinds with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder. I served that over wilted spinach and mustard greens with bacon, bell peppers, onions, celery and carrots, with some roasted garlic.

I obsessively charted everything I ate after Megan set up Spark People for me. She’s been enjoying having me cook for her, and now we are doing this together. She’s already lost 7 pounds after one week! So before dinner, I had plenty of carbs left, so had 4 ounces of zin. I should have could have had 8! But Megan convinced me to keep my alcohol to a minimum as I turn into a fat burner, so here’s to trying.

Details for the day:


Then you subtract the fiber from the carbs, so 15 carbs. Should have had another 4 ounces of wine!

Not bad for day one, I guess. Here’s hoping I can keep this up.

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