Snake oils

As soon as I moved here to Hawaii, I got the Quest Health Insurance sorted. It was incredibly easy, and I’m now  covered here, no longer in Missouri.

I’ve got a doctor’s appointment scheduled for June 8th, just a primary care doctor. I hope to get a referral to the Neurosurgeon that Lili uses. Even if he can’t do surgery, I need help managing this thing.

In particular, I want a further MRI so I can figure out how fast it’s growing, assuming it is.

I’m now on anti-seizure meds, and I’m not a real fan of how they make me feel.

I’m also allergic to all narcotics, so managing the headaches is not fun. Most days, I have a THC tincture that keeps the pain at bay, but it doesn’t always work. (I need to remember to ask for a medical marijuana card.)

I’m also taking CBD oil, as it too points to helping brain tumors. Here’s hoping.

Lots of people research CBD oil and then tell me that it works better with chemo and radiation. I know. I’m not a candidate for either.


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