Fantastic Continues

Lisa was discharged on Saturday, a hospital record by two days for a full-scale open brain craniotomy. She has no deficits, and is a slightly wired version of her old self. The ‘wired’ bit is attributed to the steroids she’s on for potential swelling.

Her stamina is still extremely limited, but is improving day by day. Her PCP will remove the staples on Friday and she’ll see Dr. Glazier on Oct 9 for the final all-clear.

A big part of the great outcome is Dr. Glazier’s novel approach: he came in from above, going between the hemispheres without actually affecting the brain. The normal approach is to come up from below, which means bruising, if not cutting, very important parts of the lower and mid-brain. As it is, Lisa is only recovering from the hole in her skull, and not from any actual brain damage.

I’m headed back to the mainland this evening, to put moving plans into high gear.