Vein of Galen

Nothing is written in stone I keep thinking of this stepping stone that is on the way to one of my favorite bookstores, in Vermont, photo taken in 2006, when my life was so very different than it is today.

I was feeling pretty down about the lack of a surgery date when I got a call from the Oregon guy early yesterday. He had thoughts about the opinion I’d just received, and wrote a response to submit to the insurance appeal’s board that we are dealing with.

At least I now know what to say: vein of galen region meningioma occluding deep cerebral artery, large, fast growing

So now I have to read things like this? Really? It seems very unfair to a brain tumor patient.

Deep Venous System

Hopefully the guy we meet on Monday will be the last hoop we have to jump through. Lili told Jeremy that she is starting to understand why lions sometimes just eat their trainers, after all that time.

I can not articulate what to hope for because I don’t know anymore. Something.

We’ve had some wild ideas for plans Q, R and S though. I sort of hope one of them becomes a thing even if I get the surgery a faster way.