Keeping busy

So the unemployment site might sort of be up. Supposedly almost 20K people tried to file on Monday, all at once. Hawaii is greatly dependent on tourism which has finally ground to a halt. I was able to file an initial claim. I have no clue how long it will take to be approved or how long or how much.

Lots of time to fiddle around with outside ideas. This patio with broken tiles is going to be all mosaic I think.

I started a lava rock retaining wall so I can keep expanding my veggie area.

I keep planting flowers as often as veggies.  The gladioli I planted a few months ago are budding up. I can’t wait to see those gaudy colors. It’s been so windy and they are handling it well.

I started seeds of those pretty blue pea flowers that makes a pretty and tasty tea. I’m putting it next to an ugly fence and hope it will cover it up. I soaked the seeds overnight and planted about half the seeds. I have no clue how robust it will be. The seedlings are already up.

I also started about 50 sunflower seeds of various sizes, heights and colors. I’m remembering to put the seedlings away in a cabinet at night so the rats and mice don’t get them. If I forget once, they are all gone in the morning. This is my third attempt! If only my greenhouse hadn’t collapsed from the wind.

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