Sheltering in place

So the restaurant closed yesterday with much drama between the owners, oy. I’m officially laid off due to the pandemic. It was not my preferred way but without a united team, it was the only choice.

I tried to file for unemployment but the site keeps crashing. I guess I could go wait in line at the office but that doesn’t seem very socially distant. I’ll keep trying.

I am going to apply for food stamps too. Ten bucks a day is better than zero bucks a day.  I wonder if I can apply online?

I am pretty well set to shelter in place except for needing to go out for blocks of ice every few days. I need to figure out getting the solar panels actually hooked up to run a dorm fridge which I own.  People keep generously giving me panels and I have all of the other pieces except wire. But I don’t understand electricity at all and never have so I need to get some help. High on the priority list!

I also was given a small propane oven. I need to get that installed too. I’ll have lots of time to figure it all out.

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