No more cone of shame!!!! Stitches out and she is cleared for normal activity. It’s a wait and see quite literally on her vision in that eye.

She might have torn a ligament in her leg but even that is getting better.

She really wants to go swimming. I took them briefly yesterday but the water is too rough and it’s really windy. We are under high wind and surf warnings for good reason right now. Tomorrow should be calmer.

She got a good grooming and a freshie squeaky ball to celebrate.

I want to thank Steph, Patrick and Frank for helping with the vet bills. We are so grateful. Thank you so much.



2 thoughts on “Cleared!”

  1. So happy 2 hear! Yes, the fresh, new squeaky toy was truly deserved. Now Disa’s probly saying, “Mom, now u can throw that damn cone away!”


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