Oh, hi

Nothing is ever easy or goes to plan in my life. A million things have changed since I last wrote, but I’m not up to braining enough to write about it.

Deficits after brain surgery are no joke. Words are hard. My memory is horrid. I’m on my own by choice but basic survival is tricky.

Building plans all in limbo for many reasons, none mine. I need to be out of where I am by June end, trying not to panic.

Have an option to build here instead if I can raise some money.

50 IQ points loss. Being brain damaged is hard and no one knows how much more I will heal. More, please.

2 thoughts on “Oh, hi”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve encountered another rough patch, as a follower of your various blogs for almost two decades please know that we are thinking of you. I’m sure that all of your fans are sending positive thoughts your way and with hope for smoother sailing soon. Give the pups a hug for all of us.


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