Been Building

I got a lot accomplished toward building on my two days off this week.

I’m now the proud owner of a cement mixer and a generator. I think I got a good deal on both, so had to jump at it, but I need both, so here we go. I want to document the brand and such, so this is a place holder. I can’t tell you how proud I am of it. In all the years we really needed a generator in New Hampshire and Vermont, we never got one, for whatever reason. But yay, go me, I own one, all by myself.

I had to get it because there is no power at my lot. I can pull power once I pull a permit, but that takes a lot of money that I don’t have, so. I now have power to run equipment and tools, and it’s a good one, and a quiet one, so with that and solar, I might not need power, even though it’s right there on my street. We’ll see.

The cement mixer is necessary to build the footers for the house. Because of the earthquake danger, the footings are pretty deep and large, and everything is super expensive, so … why not buy the mixer and do it as I can afford to to it rather than not be able to start because I can’t afford a big pour.

I got a water container to the lot and got it filled with water. That was a chore. Syphoning the water from one to the other was really a pain. I’m not sure how much water is going to be necessary for the cement, so I’ve got to figure this out, hopefully without needing a lot of money. I know I need a catchment and containment system for water, but not yet.

I got a gas can and got it filled and up to the lot. The generator came with oil but I need to get more. I bought an extension cord. I need to get some chains and locks to secure it to a tree or something. Theft is a real problem out here in the wild west.

Next on my to do is to get cement and sand to the lot. I tried a couple of times this week, but there was always a crowd there and I had too much to do to wait that long. I’m going to try to get there early tomorrow before I go into work at noon.


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