Work, work, work

I thought I’d have time to do a quick run of crap from one place either before or after work, but I was mistaken. Before work, I just couldn’t get my act together to do more than the usual morning things, drop the dogs off and hustle in to work. An hour commute is real. Then after, I thought I can do one quick trip, but it was already getting dark, so I just hustled up there and at least got my clothes out of the dryer and did a little bit of tidying up.

I did look around to see where I could put up a little fenced in area so the girls can stay up there when I’m at work maybe, instead of needing to go to daycare. If I can find a few fence panels, I can pen off an area behind the ohana and they can at least get out to pee. I don’t want to spend any money on anything I can’t take with me, so I need to find time to make a trip to a farm store or something pretty quick. I remember how handy cattle panels are — in Marlow we had bunches of them, and it was pretty quick to bundle a few together for a quick paddock whenever necessary. I wonder if I can find them here on the island.

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