Cut Myself Some Slack

So I made it to a new to me place this morning on time, without getting lost. Yay, gold star. I was briefly unsure of my location and the phone was being stupid, but I figured it out and waltzed in there with ten minutes to spare, and even had time to go back to the car for my coffee, and saw the lovely breakfast burrito that I made before I left and forgot. Oops.

So he gave me about four hours of random tests, mostly checking things like memory and cognition. Lots of puzzle games and things like that. I felt like I was failing almost everything and was getting discouraged, and at the end, he said he thinks I’ll be surprised at how well I did. Yes, my short term memory sucks, but I’m not yet a year out from the last surgery, and so it still might get better. I’ll get the results in a week.

He said I scored high on anxiety and depression, though, and said it makes a lot of sense because I have a lot of reasons for both. Ending marriage, uncertain living situation, work woes, starting over, etc., and that I am to cut myself some fucking slack. I’ve heard that before! He doesn’t think I need medication, because situational depression isn’t helped by that. I’d recently sent Frank an article exactly about that, which is interesting. I think he’s going to recommend CBT.

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