This is my Monday

I had a perfectly lovely day at work, prepping for the upcoming week, and baking lots and lots of bread. I did a hundred roll outs for empanadas as well, cutting ten whole minutes off last week’s record. That is such a work-out! My arms and shoulders don’t ache quite as much this week as last, at least not yet.

 It looks like it rained here at home during the day, because my plants were all nicely watered. Of course, it was this morning that I managed to hook up a hose and give them a good soaking before I left for work this morning. Nice to know that still works here, too. It’s such a happy little scene of plants to come home to, and they are all thriving, though I need to start getting them into the ground.

The girls are doing way better at doggy day care so far this week. Last week, there were two dog fights between Disa and Kila. We are figuring out how to manage them, and it involves a gate between them. But that’s okay. The yard is lovely, and they have lots of shade and water. I think they are starting to get used to the routine, and no one (Gaela) seems as eager to escape. I think as long as they all (Kila) get plenty of exercise, she’ll have less time to be naughty and aggressive. Here’s hoping. I had a lovely time of fetch with Disa when we got home, while the younger girls chased a rat, caught him, ick.

Tomorrow, I have an early appointment (8:30) with a neuro-psychiatrist in Kona. Whatever the tests they are doing will last between two and four hours. I’m not sure what to expect, but I am all for finding out whatever information I can find about what is going on in my head.

I have been making a concerted effort to eat, but I think that’s because I was with people, but that’s okay. I want to stay conscious of that all week as I work. I must have fuel. My brain needs good food, as does my body. A small amount, of good things. I think tonight I’m going to have yogurt with a granola that I had used in my keto days.

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