The Turkey Lady

Who came in the mail today? I was reminded today that once upon a time, I was The Turkey Lady. I have an album on Flickr called “Midget White Turkeys” and it documents my time with them. Evidently, I first got them in the mail on March 8, 2008.

I mostly enjoyed having them. I found them affectionate, curious, tame. The poults were so vulnerable, especially to getting cold, and we lived in frigid New Hampshire, so that was rough. But the babies were adorable! They’d walk right up to you the day they hatched and ask who the heck are you?

Gobble gobble! I learned to make them gobble as a party trick. When they’d go walk about and I’d have to figure out where the hell they went this time, I’d clap clap clap and they’d answer every time. Aha! You little shits. (Click on that image of them to hear it. It isn’t linking right for me but I’m not sure how to fix it.)

Turkeys are such turkeys Bjarki loved the hens, hated the toms. They would both torment him mercilessly, especially if he was tethered so he wouldn’t wander and then he couldn’t get away from them

Aw. Looking through that album is starting to make me sad, so I’m going to stop. But it’s cool that I have all those photos. Maybe I’ll come back to it later.

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