Not a fit

I felt like I drove around all day yesterday, and really, the Big Island is sort of big. Not Texas big, and I lived there long enough to know, but big enough to feel like you spend all day in the car to go to a few places. I did the farm, 20 minutes away, then a hair cut in Captain Cook, an hour and fifteen away, stopping at the water to let the girls get in a dip before they had to wait in the car for the cut. Then off to the first house to see, an hour away, then the second, thirty minutes, then back home, another thirty minutes. So, I guess that’s not so bad, I guess, but it does make me want to find some place to live that doesn’t require that much time on the road.

And of course, I got an offer to do deliveries for the farm that would require driving all over the island, but at least I’d be getting paid for it. I’m hoping that I can pair that with continuing to find cool places to visit, things to see along the way, not just driving from one place to another.

The first house was really cute, but it really isn’t an ideal location, and though it doesn’t show it, it’s about 20 feet from another house, not the privacy I am hoping for, so back to the drawing board. The second place is better, but they aren’t sure what they are doing yet, so nothing soon, though they said I’d be their first choice for caretaker, so there’s that. It’s a good thing I’m not in any hurry to find my own place! Any urgency is of my own making, and I’m really okay, just itchy for my own place. Patience, self, patience. The right spot will show up. Right? Right.

I got my hair all chopped off. It’s really short, and feels so much better. I may grow it out again someday, but that day is not today.

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