Dealing with Dogs

One of the things I’m really struggling with is what to do with my dogs. When I was working at the farm all the time, I brought them with, and they did great. No jumping on people, great greeters, mongoose patrol. They got in trouble for blocking the door of wherever I was — my velcro dogs, and not allowed inside anywhere, ever. That was a tough lesson for them to learn, and they never really did not understand why guarding the door where I was didn’t make sense? But now, I’m working at the pizzeria for many hours where I can’t bring them with. I was having them stay with a friend on her lanai, with her dog Kila, and it was working out pretty well until they decided to jump off the deck and went walk about. I found out about it while at work, from Facebook, and had to leave immediately. So now, when I go to work, they are staying in the house (with second floor lanai that they hopefully won’t jump off of. I bought a 100 foot roll of five foot tall fence, but I don’t really have a good place to put it up. Very high on the priority list. But all said, they are doing pretty well. Most days I can spend four or five hours doing something with them, then 8 hours alone, and they seem to be doing better about it than I am. It’s like having toddler children!

All of my housing options revolve around what to do with my dogs. Something like this would work, but I think I’ll build something similar on a lava lot myself, instead of rent that. Same general area though and about an hour from my Captain Cook job but only 15 minutes from the farm. I drive past that place all the time and it’s so exposed! I’d need to get plants up for some privacy and I don’t want to do that in some place that I rent. I’ve been collecting so many plants, trees, flowers, bamboo … I need a yard of my own as much as a house of my own.

I worked a really long and hard shift today, but it was great. I’m a cook at heart. That really is my happy place. Nice to be in a place that appreciates my skills and my breads and such are in demand. I’ve put the word out there about my ideal living space. Maybe something great will come up.

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