One year post op

The first surgery to remove the pineal region tumor was on September 14, 2017. I just completed my one year follow up appointment, and the MRI shows no sign of a tumor. What a relief!

I’ve been having odd symptoms for the entire year, so I was convinced that the tiny bit that Glazier had to leave (the size of your pinky nail) was growing and woe is me. But the MRI looks great. What was left has shriveled up and been reabsorbed, and there is no sign of a tumor at this point. Next follow up in a year. (Cells could still be there and grow, but whatever. Nothing to see there now. Yay!)

I have a few deficits that I am dealing with. My short term memory is very bad, and writing is very difficult. I’m also dealing with severe anemia, most likely because I have never regained my appetite, and continue to slowly lose weight. I obviously had quite a bit to lose, but needing iron transfusions is not fun.

He is send me to a neuropsych guy for an evaluation and strategizing. I’m looking forward to that.

What’s the appropriate gift to give to a surgeon for such a remarkable feat? Wine? Chocolate? Coffee? All of the above, I think.

Now to decide what to do with my life! So exciting.

8 thoughts on “One year post op”

  1. That is great news. I remember my one year mri for my brain tumor. I just had my five year and all is good. I pray that you have good results as well. It is funny the deficits we deal with as the new normal but we are alive and kicking.

  2. Congrats kid! So very happy for you! Keep up the good fight and just look at the short term memory issues as a primer for when you are actually an old fart …hehe.Take care!

  3. Does he like a really fine whiskey? Congratulations on this journey, and not giving up.

    Just curious – was gamma knife ever considered as an option? I had the adventure this summer of discovering the lung cancer I thought was obliterated decided to pop up again, in three places in my brain. So I had gamma knife “outpatient brain surgery”, which sort of cracks me up.

    Healing from these brain injuries is an interesting gift. We have to take care of ourselves, don’t we? Maybe for the first time in our lives.

  4. I have been holding my breath since June 6th for a new post. Man it feels good to inhale again. So glad to hear no signs of tumor after one year. I’m sure that the deficits are worrying but the brain can rewire itself and things will be better with time. Take care and know there are a great number of people thinking about you.


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