Cheating by copying

Frank: Is the writing expected to come back? You were always brilliant at it. I could do almost as well in 2 hours as you could in 20 minutes. Hate to say it, but that is a real deficit.

Lisa: No one knows. It doesn’t seem to be getting much better.
It’s really frustrating.

Frank: Yeah, it would be. Let’s keep hoping. Is there any explanation for why the second surgery had so many more side effects than the first? The MRSA infection doesn’t count for this question.

Lisa: They warned me about it but it wasn’t like I had a choice
had to push and shove the brain around to squeeze it all back in

Frank: Or maybe the MRSA and the Vancomycin are the reason and we should be grateful that Vancomycin still works.

Lisa: they are hoping it is all swelling related
and rewiring will fix everything

Here’s hoping.

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