And Nothing Happened

Coffee cake My coffee cake game is strong. I am just going to keep making things and feeding everyone until they get me a commercial kitchen go cook in. It would be great right here at this spot on South Point Road! Or a food truck or something. I’ve been browsing craigslists and asking around. I have only wanted my own place since I got talked out of it in El Paso by Ann Richards herself in a leadership class I was in at high school. (That was so long ago!) No one believed I would ever be a morning person, who would like to get up to make the donuts.

Mmmm. Maybe I’ll make some donuts today.

Chris putting critters to bed I got a little winded running around with the critters last evening, mostly because it felt good to stretch my legs and hustle a bit. The last time I did that about a month ago to catch the shot of the donkey, the whole world went spinning and I passed out. But I did get the shot I wanted! This time I noticed my breath and got a bit worried, but then I carefully felt all over and I was fine. Not dizzy. No pain. No spinning world. No throwing up. OMG I have my life back.

Lili pointed out yesterday that the steroids I’m on is probably what is fueling my voracious appetite, and that they often cause weight gain due to the increased appetite. I’m stepping them down so slowly that I think it’s another week before I’m completely off of them, and then I guess I’ll see what my appetite is like.

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  1. I too have been thinking about your cooking love and abilities. I am on the board of directors of a vibrant farmers market and the most profitable bakers make specialty items instead of trying to make it all. Fruit pies, sweet and savory muffins, rustic breads, German pastries, Welsh pasties, wood-fired pizza. Since Hawaii has such amazing and exotic fruits, why not some baked goods made with them? Marketed as Hawaiian fruit pies, both hand pies and pan pies. Also, Montana has a new rule (you might check with Hawaii) about what can be baked in a home kitchen and then sold. Does not need to be commercial kitchen to make and sell pastries, breads, jams, and other non-spoilage-related products.


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