No August Surgery in Portland

There’s no good way to say it, but the August date for surgery looks like it won’t happen. I know I’m not the only one who was clinging to that date like a life raft, and I hated to tell my kids and husband, and brother and sister, and here, everyone else.

It might some day happen, but there are many more hoops that need to be jumped through, and even all of that is not a guarantee of an approval.

I celebrated by having yet another seizure, so I’m a bit of a wreck.

I was having a hard time finding something good, so the Google Chrome Extension showed me this in my new tab today. It’s called “The Dance” by Xavier.

5 thoughts on “No August Surgery in Portland”

  1. Lisa

    I am so sorry — I can’t begin to imagine your disappointment

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed and send positive thoughts your way that the surgery will happen sooner than later

  2. That SUCKS!
    This is YOUR LIFE…. you go for
    I’m being aggressive because there is a big crack in my heart for you 💔….
    There is always hope…. rest and meditate 💋

  3. So sorry to hear this news, but they haven’t completely cancelled the surgery so there is STILL hope Lisa !!!!

  4. I was so hoping for the surgery to happen. Love to you and all you hold dear. Wish you were closer, but paradise is the next best thing.


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