Something Good Every Day

I think no news is good news?

The peer to peer review previously scheduled for 2:00 today has been postponed to 8:15 tomorrow. But as far as we know, nothing from Gore has been received, so it might get postponed again.

I’ve had a really bad week. The seizure I had last Saturday was evidently a big one because I’m still not over it. The queasiness and headache pain and general misery have been bad all week, and throwing everything we had at it wasn’t helping.

I did manage to find some of the stuff I got on my trip to Colorado, the strain specifically for pain, and it definitely helps. I managed to track my history on my google maps timeline, and found the exact dispensary I went to, called them, they looked up the order, and ta da, we now have a name for it. (Hindu Tahoe) Jeremy’s worked it on his end and I should have more soon so I can stop hording it. (me, horde? ha)

Raisin Scones

I’m so lucky to have the tribe I have around me. They are taking such good care of me. I can’t even begin to describe it. All I can do is sometimes bake Lili scones, and Megan a keto cheesecake, and it’s nowhere near enough. Oh, and the danish pastries were a hit, though I never did figure out any tropical toppings. Maybe next time. Baking makes me feel better.

Long ago and far away (1996 in NH, specifically) we had a house fire, and a few weeks after, I got talked in to seeing a shrink. After listening to me for a bit where I mostly cried, he handed me a pink prescription thingie, with two things on it.

1. Take a picture of something good every day.

2. Cut yourself some fucking slack.

Rocking my purple cane

I carried that pink slip of paper in my wallet until it literally fell apart, and I still remember that first digital camera I had, and how huge it was! But I loved it.

So that’s why I have a million photos on Flickr, and I’ve never been good at that second part.

So while it’s been a really bad week, I got a shiny new purple cane that really helps. I’m so much more confident with it, and slowly getting the hang of using it.

And I got rainbow rain boots.

Rainbow Rain Boots

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  1. Oh Lisa, you are being so brave! My heart is with you. I have always loved your pictures–all the flowers you grew in Marlow especially. Your waterfall. I am actually getting used to the hard cervical collar that I must wear 24/7 while the bones in my neck knit themselves back together I even have one to wear during showers. I must wear this until at least early September. A good neurosurgeon at Stanford did the work on me. Dr. Jon Park is his name. Nicholas found him for me. There is so much wealth floating around Silicon Valley, the whole place has become quite surreal. Lots of shiny new vaguely mysterious cars on the Interstate, A Tesla dealership in the Stanford Mall, complete with tastefully shiny cars to test drive. One with a label on its back that says AWD. The world’s luxuries for sale all around. A youngish dad carrying a precious boy on his shoulders, carrying a large shopping bag with the Louis Vuitton label on it. A long legged teenage girl wearing perfectly fitting denim shorts, leading a perfectly groomed black standard poodle. I am glad you like your cane. Is it adjustable? If so, try different heights to find what is most comfortable. Baking is divine. Your baking has a touch of the Divine. It has elements of alchemy in it. Turning ordinary things into gold. Baking does that. Who would eat plain dry flour? When combined with the right ingredients, with the added majic performed by fire, yeasts, secret powders, it all comes together to make something that nourishes, heals us at so many levels and it tastes so good. As you go through this latest adventure, learn as you go and be your own best friend at all times. Waste no opportunity to give your blessings and gratitude to the people around you. Do your best to be convinced that all the remedies, all the rituals, all the beautiful animals who talk to you every time they feel you with them, the surgery, the love and care that surrounds you, from the newest piece of earth you are now living on and drawing nurture from and increased personal strength and inner power She is giving you. Have you looked at a globe or map of the world recently? Do so when possible and ponder just where you are right now. On a tiny rugged alive piece of earth on top of a giant incredibly ancient hot spot, out in the middle of nowhere in the vast blue ocean. Amazing, no? So, Be well, our lovely one. That is who you are: Our Lovely One. To all of us who love you.


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