Double double vision

I think yesterday was the first day in forever that I haven’t taken a nap. It’s a miracle. I played in the garden a bit, played with birds, started the dough for danish pastry, wrote a bit. I almost felt normal for a little bit and it was awesome.

I was then in bed for the night at 5:30, but whatever, I’ll take it.

I can’t decide if Dr. Google is my friend or not, but I’m trying to stick to reputable sources.

Today is evidently a headache day that nothing is touching, and I’m not having double vision in my right eye, but double double vision. How is that even a thing?

Frank shipped my Pickle Pipe kit, and I’m finally going to play with it today.

I’m also going to bake off a dozen danishes as well, and top some of them with some of the jams that he sent me that I made.

Also on the to-do list is to follow up on all of the neurosurgeons in Hawaii to get the denial letters so we can get the approval for the Oregon surgeon. Fun times.

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