Bureaucracy Nightmare

Ocean View Hawaii Jeremy’s visit was wonderful, of course. I was pretty okay in the morning, long nap in the afternoon, and early to bed in the evening, but we sure enjoyed the time we had together, and he did some more adventurous stuff on his own and had fun.

As far as the surgery goes, not unexpectedly, I guess, we are smack in the middle of the referral process of getting the surgery approved. Things here move on a pretty slow pace, except my brain tumor, of course.

Lili is a workhorse, and relentless. I’m up for fetching and copying. I am not braining very well lately, and the headache today is relentless. The Oregon folks are doing everything on their end and trying to help as much as they can. Here’s hoping.

I saw a bunch of feral piglets today. So cute! Reminded me so much of the hooligans we had in Marlow.

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