From the lanai Frank has made me coffee every morning and brought it to me in bed forever. As spoiled as I am here, and I am very spoiled, no one is bringing me coffee in bed! So hard to imagine.

My brain so doesn’t work before I’ve had coffee, and I’ve had no practice whatsoever. I used to order room service when I traveled. So spoiled.

So now, I wake up in Ocean View and have made several attempts at making coffee. It hasn’t gone well. But this is the view from the deck or lanai where I have whatever atrocity I’ve created that morning.

Sometimes it’s worth it to just wait to get to the farm and have some awesome coffee.

I decided today to make cold brew coffee. Even in the morning, it’s warm enough that I’d enjoy iced coffee, I surely should be able to pour a glass on ice and add cream, before coffee.

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  1. I don’t always succeed in making coffee before coffee. Rather than the aeropress, you might consider setting up a dripper the night before, so you only have to press a button.


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