Feeling Fragile

Someone asked me today why I’m not jumping on the #cancer bandwagon, that I’d get “much more support” if I railed against cancer, joined cancer fighting groups, etc.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter if my brain tumor is cancer or not. There’s really no way to tell, no way to do a biopsy, and it just doesn’t matter, really. A non-malignant brain tumor can do just as much damage as a cancerous one, especially one that is growing.

Non-malignant brain tumors

I’ve got an appointment to see a neurosurgeon on 6/24, a Saturday. Dr. Russo, where I’ll have the DEEG test, which seems superfluous to me, but whatever. I’m assuming he is still paying off the equipment. I haven’t yet heard about the new MRI appointment, which I think would be much more useful, since I’m looking to see how fast this fucker is growing.

Just because the last time I went somewhere (Thursday) I had a big old seizure and passed out in the driveway in front of everyone and had to be carried into the house unconscious … I haven’t gone anywhere since. Lili is going to town today without me, just to run errands, but didn’t feel comfortable taking fragile me with. Makes sense. I do feel quite fragile. I have been doing pretty well since, though. Upping the seizure meds seems to have made a difference.

Inn for Sale

I took Chandra out for a long walk today while the sun was out and it was glorious. Two places on the same road we are on (South Point) are for sale, including this gorgeous inn.

The second place has an amazing unfinished house that is so cool. Chandra and I walk over there all the time.

Land for Sale

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