New Normal

In Hawaii

Another good day, another cute sundress! I may never give them back to Megan.

I slept yet another 12 hours last night, and I just woke up from an afternoon nap. The new normal involves so much sleep. I’m telling myself it’s the meds, and that sleeping is good for healing brains.

I am back in Ocean View today, though. I was ready for my own space, some privacy. I’m doing really well. Last seizure was Thursday, and wouldn’t it be nice if that really was the last one ever.

No appetite at all today. I made breakfast for everyone, including myself, but only ate a piece of bacon. I’ve got a snack plate set up next to me and I’m going to watch movies the rest of the afternoon, and smoke dope. Surely that will make me hungry.

Gecko in the house I heard the weirdest noise ever — turns out it’s a gecko. I had no clue they made noise. Evidently, it is good to have a house gecko, good luck and they eat bugs. Maybe so, but if it jumps on my bed, it’s a dead gecko.

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