The Keto Diet

So there’s a theory that a ketogenic diet will starve brain tumors. I’ve done so much research on it, and I am quite reluctantly going to start it. I really resent having to do it. My eating philosophy has ¬†been that diets are wrong, just eat real food, all in moderation. I grow my own food. I don’t use poisons. I garden, I cook.

I made a living cooking. I make great bread. My specialty is dessert. It seems especially cruel for ME to have to go keto. Damn it.

Also, wine in the evening has been my habit for probably 35 years. Since my diagnosis? I’m pretty sure the majority of my calories for a few months came directly from zinfandel alone.

Diets make me obsessive in horrible ways, so many memories from when I was heavy. I’ve maintained the same weight since around 2000, without counting a single calorie or paying any attention at all to weight.

I’d love to lose some weight, but the reason I’m doing it is to starve the tumor. This tumor is being fed from two arteries in my brain. I need to make sure that very little glucose is in that blood. I can burn fat to live, the tumor hasn’t yet figured that out.

The estimate for my continued life is five years, at the outside. I get a 30% chance of being around in five years, with a keto diet. Not many years at all without it.