I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve lived alone. I mean, I traveled a lot on my own, even having apartments in Dublin and Hellburg, but those were temporary. This feels different.

All what, two weeks since Jeremy left? Still, fun. I’ve both gotten a lot done cleaning and organizing, but I’ve also napped and gardened and swam.

I have no signal there, except sporadically and randomly and unreliably, frustratingly. But I sort of love it. I have spots to go where the reception is good and the view is spectacular and we swim. I love to soak here. Mother Nature has it down.

Home is awesome too. Here is 90 seconds at around 6:30 last night.

I can hear the cows munching grass. Not sure if that comes through.

I heard from my sister that my mother is having surgery today. Send good thoughts to New Orleans.