I can’t believe how much I’m sleeping — easily 11 hours a night most nights, then I won’t be able to sleep past 2 am for a day, then back to so much sleep. I guess my brain needs it.

I’ve had a low level headache all day today. I’ve at least managed to keep it at a three and not let it get worse, but it’s taken all of my pills and tinctures and potions.

I’ve only done a little cooking today. We’re having business lunches and dinners all week, so I’m working on stuff for that. Man it’s hard to bake bread that I’ll never taste! So I’ve got potato bread rising, and I’ll make slider rolls to go with some bbq brisket on Thursday, and cold cuts for lunch. I made a potato salad as well, and though I didn’t try a single bit, it was really hard not to. I love potatoes. I made a sad substitute with all the stuff that goes into a potato salad without the potatoes, mostly hard boiled eggs, and at least Megan and I will have that.

I heard today that both of my kids and my sister are scheduling flights to come visit sometime in the first half of July. Yay!

Today’s homework: Resistant Starches

I’ll have been on this way of eating (which all the cool kids call “woe”) for a week tomorrow. I’m deliberately not weighing myself or taking measurements because my goal is not to lose weight, it’s to starve the tumor. The tracker I’m using tells me I’m not eating enough, but I’m not hungry. I know I am losing weight because I can feel it in my clothes, especially the ones I just got. They can’t possibly be falling off already, but they are.

I keep wondering if I should check somehow, like with Ketostix for urine or blood testing strips. My carb counts have been very low every day. I guess I’ll ask the doctor on Thursday.