Just Zeroes

I remember the first time I closed a deal for over a thousand dollars. I was very impressed with myself. Then I sold my business years later and there were even more zeroes involved.

My first deal over a million was in the Y2K days. I remember being amazed that it took the same skills to close one no matter the number of zeroes involved. And all of the people were still just people.

These days, I only start to panic when I have less than two zeroes. My latest lifeline came from the #WeFeedUsFund. I was so surprised and grateful. Before that, it’s been from my village of online folks who I have known for decades. It’s so appreciated.

I keep reminding myself they are just zeroes and I get back to living outside in paradise. This too shall pass and look where I get to hunker down, literally building myself a better life for when it’s all over.


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