Monday chores

It is three weeks from my last trip to Kona so I had to go again. Ugh. It’s two hours each way along a windy twisty road and it always rains in Captain Cook area.

As high season kicks in, I am being recruited to cook in town for twice the money. It’s good to remember how awful the drive is. Just not worth it. I want to try to make it work out here.

We stopped at the beach per usual to get the girls cooled off before I do a Costco run. Gas is so much cheaper there. The SUV started making horrible noises and my brain jumped to the worst case and the dogs were going to starve to death because I wasn’t going to be able to get to work. I’d left the emergency brake on. Oof. Stupid brain.

I celebrated the relief with a stop at the paint store. Frank is encouraging me to be charmingly eccentric. I’m going to have my Glitch world back, aren’t I?

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