Dear Disa

I got her into the vet today. They took out most of the stitches leaving just a few where they had to cut to reinsert her eye because of all the swelling.

Everything is looking pretty good and we go back on the 7th. Her eye looks pretty glassy but it tracks movement and I think she can see. Time will tell.

The vet would like her to stay cleaner, please. I told her that she can’t use the cone as a shovel to bury shit anymore. The vet laughed and laughed and then told her sternly to cut that out  Ha  Fat chance.

Yesterday she really really wanted to play frisbee and tug. The way I could see her eye move through the stitches was really creepy!



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  1. Soooo glad they were able 2 save her eye🙏🏼 That was pretty scary. She’s lookin real good! Hugs & kisses 2 the girls, esp Disa!🥰


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