He needs a name

I was woken up this morning by a woof at the same time my alarm goes off on days I work, 4:30. So much for sleeping in!

The girls and I did errands all day. Disa even got to wade in the water finally.

This evening he is hanging out on the porch. He runs if I do anything but when I sit down again, there he is.

I call him big baby and big boy. A neighbor said his name is Mac and he’s been on his own for at least 2 years, was a pig hunting dog that got left. He doesn’t think his name is Mac

He has clearly been hit. He freaks out at moving arms. 3 months and I still have not touched him.

He is scared of Jazz. She taunts him which worries me. She loves to make him scream out. I confess I laugh.

He’s also afraid of men. The way hunting dogs are treated here infuriates me.

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