Growing some food

I got these okra seeds from that kickstarter about okra. All of them sprouted and are doing well.

The oregano is taking off and spreading madly  which I love  it keeps out weeds really well

These are the happiest chives I’ve ever grown. I can use it a lot and you’d never be able to tell. I bet I should probably split it soon.

The sage is thriving too. I think this is a good climate for herbs. Hot and not too wet. None of them seem bothered by the wind at all.

These onions don’t really bulb up but the white part at the bottom can be four inches and thick like a leek. They are really tasty and I just keep replanting the roots over after I use most of it.

I’ve got carrots in several stages of growing but I haven’t tried them yet. Carrot top pesto is one of my favorite things and I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Growing some food”

  1. Carrot top pesto? You mean there is something useful one can do with carrot tops? Early in our CSAing, The Other Jeremy tried sauteeing them, and it didn’t go well. I have made pesto with basil, cilantro, and maybe kale — is it just the same basic recipe, with carrot tops as the green thing?

    • Yup. And you can add them to pesto with other herbs. They pair well. I also like to add them when I’m making stock so just throw in freezer until you make stock or a brothy soup. The flavor is lovely.


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