So many people are shocked at how I’m living. I guess lots of folks assumed I’d go back with Frank? I have zero interest in returning to Missouri, or to New England for that matter. Trying to make it here sounds way better, and while many look down at my little shack, I love it and am quite proud.

I’m coming up on two years since the brain surgery that removed the tumor. I have an MRI scheduled for next Monday. I’m have a little scanxiety as brain tumor folks say, but am hoping for good news. I have been feeling great, and then had a bad dizzy spell yesterday at work which felt so much like that spell that took me down while cooking at work in Branson. Scary, but most likely because I hadn’t eaten in a few days. Dang it

No new purchases, still contemplating. I think saving up for a propane refrigerator is my current plan. I have the tank, it doesn’t need power, and living out of a cooler in a warm climate sucks, especially when I feed the girls raw meat. So. It’ll probably take three months to save 1500, but I think it’s the most important.

So the number one question I get after the one about why I don’t just go back to the mainland is about hauling water and how it works. The Big Island has water stations like this and you bring hoses and containers.

I have two 40 gallon barrels that fit in my SUV, and a bunch of smaller containers. I need to haul water at least every other day.

Supposedly work is happening to bring water to my spot, but it sure isn’t happening quickly. So, I haul water.

2 thoughts on “Questions”

  1. My 2 cents that you didn’t ask for, be happy. If a shack that you built on Hawaii is doing it for you it isn’t anyone else’s business. The only question I have is what’s up with not eating for a few days?! If you don’t stay healthy you’re not going to be happy. Please take care of you.

  2. Oops, I assumed things the other way around… that Frank would move to where you are. To me, it looks like Heaven on earth, and I love the idea of hearing the cows munching ~ ENJOY it all ! xo


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