Dealing with deficits

So I’ve had to catalog deficits. Fun.

Worst is probably short term memory. Buy groceries, forget bag in car for days. Reminds me of when I took care of Frank’s mother.

That made her paranoid and fearful, which I now understand. I’m often very anxious, very new to this, don’t approve.

Word choice is slow, weird. Filing cabinet has been shuffled, needs to be resorted.

Reading and writing are so slow!

Some vision problems. I need to go wide or bump into stuff.

Randomly pass out, usually if I’m too tired or exert myself too much.

So not too bad considering I thought I’d be dead, but it’s making supporting myself tricky.

I’m only a year out from last surgery, self. Cut yourself some slack. Google photos showed me this note from PT therapist a year ago.


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  1. Lisa, your ability to write these eloquent posts shows that even if you’ve lost a lot, you have far more left than what you’ve lost.


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