Wow, 2018. What a year.

I woke up to this beautiful rainbow this morning. That’s a lovely way to end the year!

The girls and I did a visit to the farm, where it was absolutely pouring down rain.

Then we went over and did another load of crap from the old place to the new. I’ve got it all unloaded, but not unpacked yet. I’ll work on it slowly.

I only have a dorm size fridge here, and almost went to the store to fill it up. Then I remembered that I have plenty of food in the fridge that I bought and didn’t eat. No use buying more, self. Eat what I already have, dang it.

Bren and I were going to go Road to the Sea and sleep there overnight for my first camping trip. But the weather is rainy and stormy all over, so probably not a good idea, dang it. So we are hunkered down here. I hope the fireworks aren’t too awful tonight for the girls. I think I’ll get us all plenty high. They handle it best that way. I even have some bubbly, though I doubt I’ll be awake very late. But it could happen!

What a year 2018 has been. Wow.

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