The cheesecake came out really well! Not bad for not having sugar in the house, so I used brown sugar instead. And duck eggs, with extra yolks as well. It was so rich and creamy from the taste I had before I baked it. Can you believe I didn’t have a single bite of it? Yeah, crazy. It didn’t appeal, and then I took few bits on a plate just in case, and I forgot about it. Oh, well! I’m still happy with how it came out. Everyone was raving.

Speaking of cheesecake, instead of doing the farm deliveries, I think I’m going to work with a local cheesecake person on a couple of mornings a week. That will replace that income, and I won’t be driving all the time with the wear and tear and me and my vehicle. Plus, baking cheesecakes! I’ll have to curb my instincts and follow her recipes and procedures, but I can do that. She’s got quite the following locally. Mine taste so very different, but that’s okay. Maybe she’ll be open to learning from me, as well.

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