Tropical Plants

I need to stop buying plants, but I won’t. When I was working at the farm and thought I would be forever, I bought plants and put them right into the ground, and I was around to care for them and love them. So many orchids and hibiscus! But after it was clear that it wasn’t a good fit, and I was trying to figure out where I will live etc. etc., you would think that I would have stopped buying plants. You would be mistaken.

I have, however, started storing them on my little lanai, outside my room. I haul water in a five-gallon bucket to water them everyday. (Must buy a hose for here, or bring one from the farm that I bought.) I put my coffee grounds on them every day, and talk to them. They are all still thriving, but will need to get into the ground, soon.

Hibiscus are my favorite, I think. I have eight or so varieties. A vanilla bean orchid! Two different types of bamboo. Poinsettia is a bush here in Hawaii! I couldn’t resist. ’tis the season! I even have a little fir tree that I’m going to use as a holiday tree, just for me.

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  1. I’ve been laid up with pneumonia for the last week, and, having followed many of your blog incarnations over the years, was curious to see how you wound up in Hawaii. Spent a day in bed reading this from the start. Oh, dear, I’m so sorry about your health issues, but I’m glad you’re in a place where you feel at peace. Sunshine and the ocean are miracle workers, if you ask me.

    I managed to grow Hibiscus when I lived in California, and helped my mother plant them at her house in Baja Sur, Mexico. To me, they aren’t just lovely, they’re also the source of Jamaica (that’s the Spanish name for them) tea.

    Here from Holidailies.


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