Hidden gems

When I did deliveries the other day, I took the dogs with, because I take my dogs everywhere, right? After I finally got to Kona, the first place I stopped was one of my very favorite spots. It’s called “End of the World” and most people (not very many) know it for the awesome views and the cliffs, and some people dive there. Most stop and watch the water works — big huge splashes that reach way up into the sky as the water crashes against the cliffs. But if you keep walking, there’s a tide pool that I just love so much. On that panoramic photo there, it’s the little pool on the far left.

Here’s what it is actually like:



Those are from (whatever day that was — I have no clue. Tuesday? Yeah. When the tide is out, it is so calm and beautiful and safe for the girls and me to get in the water. If the tide is in, I have to keep the girls out of there because it’s way rougher and I’m concerned they’ll get sucked out into the ocean.

Isn’t it gorgeous though? It’s one of my little hidden gems.

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