Silly pupsSilly video of Gaela biting the water stream and Disa barking her fool head off to get squirted more. Having barky Icies can be a problem, and I am working hard to keep it from being too much, but I will never ever get her to stop barking when a hose is on. Even if she is soaking wet and can barely breathe from exhaustion, she still wants you to squirt her MORE MORE MORE! She looks so much younger to me when she’s all wet. Reminds me of when she was an adorable little puppy.

Slider potato rolls I think I’m finally honing in on one of the slider rolls I want to serve. Potato roll with sesame seeds, 2.5 ounces of dough, 15 minutes to bake in the little toaster oven thingie in the farm stand kitchen. If this idea takes off, I can bake them in bulk in OV and bring them to the farm, or Scott found an electric convection oven for pretty cheap, but will take some creative re-wiring to get it installed. I’m enjoying just working with what I have for now, but dreaming bigger is also fun. I still enjoy everyone loving my fresh bread. It seems that will never get old. Today I tried some sliced brisket that Scott smoked yesterday with a sauce he likes (sort of a cole slaw sauce plus Siracha). Yum. With farm grown lettuce and tomato, I think that’s a really nice little sandwich right there.

I could smell the VOG from the volcano coming to and from work today, ick. It smells like rotten eggs. You can’t smell it at the farm, oddly, even though it is closer to the volcano, but it was thick on the belt road getting there, and quite visible.

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