Wound cleaning

Puffy scar, boo Well, crud. My dang incision isn’t quite healed. There’s a spot about the size of a nickle that is puffy and inflamed, so they are sending me to Oahu to have what they are calling a “wound cleaning”, in the surgery unit. They will knock me out, open up that part of the incision, clean it out and stitch me back up.

I was enjoying getting my hair back, dang it! I wonder how much they’ll shave this time.

I’m so much better this time that I don’t need an attendant, so I’m going by myself. Last time I was so grateful for the wheelchair, this time I’m on my own power.

I’ve got an early flight out tomorrow morning, and will be returning in the evening, unless he decides to keep me overnight for IV antibiotics, which he won’t know until he opens me up.

4 thoughts on “Wound cleaning”

  1. Piece a cake, Lisa…. piece a cake!!!!! Blow their Sox off and fly through this 💋💋💋💋💋

  2. Hi Lisa,
    You’re such an interesting writer, and an interesting person so I always check to see if you have a new post for me to enjoy. However, when there wasn’t one for awhile, I was starting to get worried. Now that I’ve read the latest one, I see that you are going in for some treatment, and I want to wish you the best… it seems like such a small procedure compared to what you’ve already been through so I’m sure that you’ll be as good as new SOON ! Good luck ! xo

  3. Good luck, but yes, after what yiu’ve faced and got through so graciously, so far, this seems like a tiny blip in your soaring recovery xxx


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