Calendar I am evidently baffling. How awesome is that? Um, not very.

We received a response from the surgeon, declining to operate. We are formulating a response to correct some errors, and moving on.

I’m trying to focus on it as completing an item off a check list.

The next date that I am focusing on is Monday the 14th when I meet Glazier during his Kona visit. I’m not sure what to hope for, actually, so I’m focusing my time and energy onto things I like to do.

When I first met Frank, he had a Lisa Operations Manual, but I don’t think it really helped him much. I remember when he found me baffling, but he mostly figured me out.

Team Shot!

I am focusing on eating small amounts, resting often, visiting birdies, living in Paradise with the very best people.

I can only be on the computer for very short amounts of time, so I’m list making and coloring. It feels like kindergarten using crayons around Megan‘s artwork, like growing up with my grandmother.

I’m also watching movies again. Today was In and Out with Lili. Very, very fun. I have to be careful laughing because it hurts my dang head, but worth it.

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  1. Actually, I had the hardware manual, the Theory of Operation. I can’t find a copy on the web. In hindsight, the software manual might have been more useful.


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