Loss of Appetite

Raisin scones Frank sent me my scone pan and I finally got to use it this morning to make raisin scones for Lili. Same recipe, and she says the texture is more cake like and less biscuit like. I keep thinking about it, wondering why. Also, I sure do love my single purpose kitchen crap. I also keep asking Lili if she’d like something else in her scones, but evidently raisins are the best.

I also made a test run on her birthday cake, just to be sure I have it right. Hellman’s chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Needs more experimenting. I’m glad I felt up to a bit of playing in the kitchen.

Keto bagels I made some keto bagels for Megan that she enjoyed. I was sort of amazed at how breadlike they were, actually, and would like to play with the recipe some.

She started me with an anti-nausea tablet first thing this morning, and keeps putting food in front of me. The involuntary wrinkling of my nose bugs me, reminds me of Disa when someone would offer her a dog cookie while we were out and about. She’d sniff it, and turn away, and I would embarrassingly say No Thanks on her behalf. I’m trying to catch myself, be more polite.

“Loss of Appetite” sounds more benign than it actually is. I thought it was something that would be helpful to a dieter, not something that actively makes me feel like puking at the thought of eating. I had been blaming the fact that smelling something cooking no longer making me hungry on cooking for a living, just too much exposure. Both the kids totally understand. The three of us have been green with car sickness altogether too often.

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