As expected, the insurance denied the request to go off island. We Lili filed a great emergency appeal and we should know by close of business Wednesday.

I had a bad seizure a couple of days ago that I’m slow recovering from. Reading writing walking all bad. Droopy right side of face.

Hope for good news tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Appealing”

  1. I will be crossing the fingers and saying my prayers for you Lisa that they change their minds and grant your the insurance you need….

    Sorry to hear about that nasty seizure, hope you will be feeling better from it REAL soon!!

  2. Still keeping you in my prayers. It’s now Thursday, so you may already have heard back from the insurance company – best wishes for successful bureaucracy wrangling.

  3. If you get denied again, write directly to the CEO. My father was denied something that they should have paid. I went back and forth with insurance for a year. I finally looked up the CEO and emailed him. Like magic, a check was cut the next day.

    I realize that situation is very different from yours, but there are are people in the CEO’s office who will read it.


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