Endless lists

So the list of crap to do since the MRI has just been endless. Lili and I are on a roll, knocking stuff off the list. With all her fancy degrees, she makes an incredible personal secretary. Very efficient and pleasant, would use again, 5 stars!

We got the first bit of records to two of the surgeons on the list, Kim in Houston, Gore in Portland.  I have to say that the office experience between the two is drastically different, so much so that I was pretty turned off by Kim.

I know he’s the top guy and can do whatever he wants, but some of it as portrayed by his gate keeper was stupid and illogical, and repeating “but we have people travel to us from all over the world!” “and you’ll get to meet with all his team!” “but it’s our protocol!”. I then heard what is actually happening in his office from one of the FB groups for Pineal area tumors, and how to get around the bullshit. So okay. (Is there a Facebook group for everything or what?)

Gore seemed to be interested enough to request the actual MRIs instead of just the reports.

I started the diuretic today, a bit earlier than I’m supposed to, but I don’t think I need a week to get out of ketosis.


I’ve been baking bread, of course, but now want all of my King Arthur Flour cookbooks and bread making stuff in my next care package from Frank. After being lost for a few weeks, I got my first two boxes from him today. Fun.

Sadly, my beautiful Buffy died in Missouri today. I’m going to miss her so much, and I’m sad that I wasn’t there to say goodbye. So much for not being a weepy mess anymore!

Bye, Beautiful Buffy

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  1. So very sorry for losing your baby and not being with her. Talk to her as she crosses the rainbow bridge and I bet it will feel just a little better. You are an amazing woman Lisa and I pray for you and send positive healing thoughts to you through the universe!! May all the love and thoughts and prayers for you feel like a warm soft shawl wrapping you up and keeping you well!!


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