Getting the blood work done this morning was very uneventful. One stick, six vials later, and we were out in five minutes. I had this feeling all week that I’d get results right away, but I won’t know anything until I see the doctor on Monday, of course.

Today was the day to increase the dose of anti-seizure meds again by another pill, which as three pills twice a day should finally  be at the effective dose. What it did in reality was put me to sleep for a five hour nap this afternoon.

The wrist bands are helping so much with the nausea. I ate a bit today, but I’ve had a headache most of the day, and no appetite at all.

I came home and watched The Martian (which was great) and had some lobster bisque again, and a glass of wine. Calories! I’m off to bed though. Tired despite the long nap, head still hurts.

I’m having an MRI tomorrow, which I’m a bit nervous about. I’m putting so much hope into this thing not having grown, the keto diet working, even though it’s only been since 5/31. But I need information, and to send reports to the few surgeons I’ve found who operate in that part of the brain.

I’m going to take a xanax before this MRI. I’ve never needed it before, but the last one was horrific. They had my head in what looked like a hockey mask, and that was secured to the sides. I could barely blink my eyes, and toward the end (almost 2 hours!), I almost had a panic attack. Screw that. This time, I’m taking xanax.

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